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Mixed Land Use of Land in delhi

Mixed use essentially means provision of nonresidential
activity in residential areas. In the
situation, where in a number of residential
areas, commercial activity has already intruded
formulation of a balanced policy of mixed use
considering its environmental impact and the
socio-economic need of the society is of
utmost public importance.
On a single premise or in an area, mixed
residential and non-residential activity has its
positive and negative environmental and
socio-economic impacts. It suits the present
socio-economic needs of a large section of the
society and reduces the transportation needs
and traffic movement considerably. However,
unless properly regulated and in certain
conditions it could have quite an adverse effect
in terms of congestion, pollution and general
inconvenience to the people of the area.
In view of the above the following approach is
suggested: -
1) Non-residential activity on residential
premises should be permitted selectively
and carefully taking into consideration
community needs, environmental impact
and provision for safe and easy traffic
circulation and adequate parking.
2) In case of new developments, planned
mixed residential and non-residential
activity should be introduced right at the
time of the preparation of the layout
plans along with the planning of
Commercial Centres for which
appropriate provision of parking,
circulation and services be kept in view.
Norms for parking and commercial use
on different floors be specified.
3) Notified provisions made in the earlier
plan may be continued within the overall
framework of the approved plan.
Mixed use may be permitted on residential
plot facing streets/road of minimum 18.0 mts.
ROW in regular residential plotted
development with the prescribed development
norms, such streets should be notified and
given wide publicity.
Bungalow Areas of Lutyens’ Delhi and Civil
Lines, government housing, institutional / staff
housing and areas of heritage and national
importance shall not be covered under the
Mixed use Policy.
Any trade or activity involving any kind of
obnoxious, hazardous, inflammable, noncompatible
and polluted substance or process
shall not be permitted.
Mixed use could involve household industries
(as per specific conditions provided in the
section pertaining to industries), Retails Shops,
Professional Activity and specific other uses as
indicated here after:
The following activities will not be allowed
under mixed use:
1. Retail Shops:
Building materials (timber, timber products,
marble, iron and steel and sand)
Fire wood, coal and any fire hazardous and
other bulky materials.
2. Repair Shops:
- Automobiles repair and workshops
- Cycle rickshaw repairs
- Tyre resorting and retreating
- Battery charging
3. Storage, Godown and Warehousing
4. Junk shop
5. Liquor Shop
6. Printing, Dying and Varnishing
7. Any other activity, which may be notified
from time to time.
For other Retail shops, Mixed use in notified
streets will be subject to the following
conditions: -
i) Mixed use shops only on ground floor upto
the maximum of ground floor coverage.
ii) There should be unconditional surrender of
front setback, which should not have
boundary and shall be only used for
iii) Parking @ 2.0 ECS per 100 sq.m. shall be
provided within the premises.
iv) Cost of development of parking / common
parking @ 2.0 ECS per 100 sq.m. in
commercial areas shall be payable by the
v) For Master Plan Roads, the premises/
activity areas should be approached from
service lane and direct approach from the
main road should be discouraged.
vi) Permission of mixed use would be taken
from the concerned local Authority and
will be subject to payment of conversion
vii) The planned character is to be maintained.
No encroachments shall be permitted on
the streets.
Professional activity would include non
hazardous and non nuisance kind of activity
based on professional skills where the main
premises of the concerned professional like a
doctor, lawyer, architect etc. would be separate
and only out of office hours services could be
rendered from the residential premises. In such
cases, on part of the premises on any floor
subject to a maximum of 25% of the FAR or
100 sq.m, whichever is less for services based
on professional activities shall be permissible.
The following specific activities may be
permitted in residential premises on plots of a
minimum of size of 209 sqm. facing a
minimum road width of 18 mts. ROW (9mts.
in ‘Special Area’ and 13.5 mts. in
Rehabilitation Colony).
a) Pre–primary schools (Nursery /
Montessori Schools, Crèche etc)
b) Nursing homes
c) Guest houses
d) Bank
Further, the permission of residential land
and building for the above activities shall be
governed by the provisions of Notified
Regulations in this regard except for Pre-
Primary school which should be restricted
only on ground floor equivalent to the
permissible ground coverage.
Banquet Hall
As per the survey conducted by MCD in May
2002 in respect of Banquet Halls it is
observed that about 64% of existing Banquet
halls are situated in residential use zones, 18
% in industrial use and 18 % in commercial
use zones. Banquet Halls, which do not cause
hindrance to the general public and provide
for parking can be permitted on mixed use
streets, where commercial activity is
permissible, subject to the following
Banquet hall shall be permitted in Residential
and Commercial use Zones with minimum
plot size of 333 sq.m, facing minimum 18
mts. ROW roads in residential plotted
colonies (13.5 mts. in Rehabilitation Colonies
and 9 mts. in Special Area). The ground
coverage, FAR, height and basement etc.
shall be applicable as per the Master Plan
norms for specific landuse in which the
premise is situated, subject to the conditions
in respect of parking and sanitation facilities,
hygienic disposal of waste and appropriate
levies /charges laid down by the Authority
from time to time.
i) The quantum of Mixed use Area and its
allocation/ distribution for various
categories of Residential areas in New
Area shall be specified in the layout Plans.
ii) The layout plans would clearly earmark
areas/ plots for Mixed use, preferably
located opposite/ adjoining designated
commercial areas.
iii) The Plan may provide for mixed use on
residential plots at appropriate locations
grouped together facing 18 mts. ROW
roads and above as per requirements. The
quantum of area to be worked out and
common Parking areas to be marked in the
Because of conversion of use/activity the
conversion fee shall be charged from the
beneficiary as decided by the Authority from
time to time.
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