Saturday, January 30, 2016



 Never mix life insurance with investment plans, be it money back or endowment, all wrong choices, as return from the life insurance companies is lowest and the plans are for very long periods, for decades, and before-time-exits or irregularities in paying premiums, cost heavy to the policy holders.

And if anyone opts for a life-insurance-cum-investment plan, the one is certainly going to stay under-insured, defeating the very purpose of Life insurance, which simply means in case of death of the main earner/s of a family, the family's financial balance might not get affected.

Do you know most of the Indians never got any benefit of Life insurance? Why, because before the advent of private players, LIC never promoted pure risk cover policy, term plan, the one and only Life insurance, LIC went on feeding people with its endowment plans, and money back plans, all shit, which kept people under insured but generated low interest rated capital for LIC.

Even now, the Life insurance agents do not introduce term plans to the customers on their own, which is the cheapest, reason,what will get the company, what commission will be gotten by the agent.

And this they call business, fair business!

I suggest you all my friends, to take TERM PLANS only, which are called 'pure-risk-coverage plans' too.

These term plans are the cheapest and the best, you will get nothing in return just like in case of a motor insurance, but you may get a substantial sum assured.

Term Plan is never advertised rather the clients interest in it are discouraged because it is least beneficial for the Life insurance companies & their agents, but certainly is the best for their clients. In fact, there is no other life insurance policy except it, all other are just distorted saving plans, only crap.

Term plans are never advertised by the companies or suggested by the agents because they are so inexpensive that neither the agent nor the company will get anything substantial outta them.

LIC, 'Life Insurance Corporation of India', did not even introduced TERM PLAN before the advent of private players. It sold endowment plans and money back plans to the Indians, collected huge investments from the public on cheapest rate of interest and became one of strongest company,keeping the poor ignorant public under insured. LIC is the biggest culprit, if Indians could not avail the benefits of life insurance. It should be prosecuted for mis-selling life insurance and all the money it has collected through this mal-practice be distributed to the ones whosoever have ever taken any policy from this company.


Life insurance companies have always be-fooled people, they have sold investment plans in the name of life insurance, ULIPS too are tools to get people invested into share market, these are more mutual funds than life insurance, life insurance is used just as a garb, beware.

Investing through ULIP (Unit Linked Investment Plans) is most stupid, in the garb of life insurance, these life insurance companies lure you to invest in share market and penalize you with their heavy duty charges.

The extract is life insurance companies are good for taking life insurances only and as term plan is the only life insurance hence take TERM PLAN and kick the one on the bum, if suggests anything else.


Just hear the legal disclaimer of such companies, their pace, even they themselves can not understand the meaning if not told already.

Why like this?

Only because they do not wanna let you understand the things, rather they just wanna loot you.
Only because the legal need is fulfilled for the namesake.
Only because the Govt is giving you a bad Governance..


All insurances apart from life insurances fall in the category of general insurances.

A few insurances should be taken by everyone as per my understanding.

House holder policy--- This policy will secure not only the building but all the household goods kept in it, including  gold, jewels and cash too. Moreover you can get your electronics repaired free of cost under this policy. A must for every household.

Shopkeeper/Office package---It works same as the householder policy.

Accidental Policy-- It reimburses the policy holder in case of some accident, accidents of any kind, not only road accidents, even if a kitchen cylinder bursts, it is an accident.This policy is very inexpensive.

Critical illness coverage-- These policies are generally combined with the life insurances. Some critical illnesses like Heart attack, Diabetes, cancer etc are covered under such policies.

Mediclaim--- These are relatively expensive policies but must be taken though. Simply reimburses the hospitalization bills of the policy holders.

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